Sabatier Film Group presents 333

We believe that our film will, at the very least, achieve the following four vital objectives:

    1. Mitigate global terrorism in the 21st Century;
    2. Create a peaceful dialogue, aimed at creating sustained harmony and tolerance amongst Jews, Christians and Muslims, worldwide;
    3. Present a global roadmap to peace; and
    4. Stimulate youngsters around the World to pursue a
      superior level of education and intellectual thought,
      and furnish them with a high moral compass.

We showcase Mali's historic and eminent role as a democratic nation-state in Africa, and present an accurate portrait of Muslim society, based upon the true tenets of Islam. The Film vividly depicts the importance of "Peace through Dialogue," as recorded in the historic tomes of Timbuktu.

This story is a “call to action” to assist Mali in the preservation and translation of its endangered Manuscripts. These translations will serve as a “roadmap” to peace and understanding for all mankind. Extending familiarity with these teachings will enable the World to better appreciate our differences, and hence to better understand our sameness.

Much as the Dead Sea Scrolls were heralded as the great manuscript find of the 20th Century, the Manuscripts of Timbuktu may well prove to be the most important revelation of the 21st Century. Just as the Dead Sea Scrolls have illuminated the puzzle pieces of Christianity and Judaism, the Manuscripts brought to light by our Documentary will unlock significant insights into Islam and its roots, which are shared in common with Christianity and Judaism.